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The warranty period is two years from the delivery of the goods. The warranty replaces statutory warranty rights in the sense that ANN PERICA decides whether to repair or replace defective goods or refund the purchase price. You cannot claim compensation or inconvenience damages due to faulty goods.

Excluded from the warranty are damages caused by improper handling, lack of care (see care tips), accidents, or normal wear and tear. The warranty expires if interventions are made by third parties not authorized by ANN PERICA.

Caution when wearing:
Although diamonds and colored stones are hard gemstones, you should still avoid exposing your jewelry to unnecessary stress. Avoid wearing the jewelry during heavy physical work or sports to prevent scratches or damage.

Cleaning: Regularly clean your jewelry to remove dirt, oil, and other residues. Use mild soap and a soft toothbrush for this. Then dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Contact with chemicals: Avoid contact of the jewelry with chemicals such as chlorine, household cleaners, disinfectants, perfumes, and cosmetics. These can damage the gemstones and also affect the metal of the jewelry.

Proper storage of the jewelry: Store your jewelry in a safe place and separate from other pieces to avoid scratches or damage. Ideally, use the soft ANN PERICA jewelry box for this.

Professional inspection: Have your jewelry checked by us regularly, that is, every two years, to ensure that the gemstones are secure and firmly set in the setting and that the metal of the jewelry shows no signs of wear or damage.


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