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Hands down there is still not one natural diamond sourced 100% ecological or fair.

Like with ALL other natural resources, we do damage to get them. The lithium for the Teslas, the fossil oil for the gas, the clothes, the bottles, the metals to build houses, cars, jewelry, the list goes forever. We dig deep holes, use chemicals, gas fueled motors, disrupt native habitants and wildlife of the areas…

So we have to come up with ideas!

One good concept is to recycle. So why not take the ring of your granny, bring it to me and create something new out if it for your fiancé?

Or if there are no leftover diamonds in your family, why not opt for an antique diamond. These diamonds have been sourced and hand cut in times, when there was no such thing as blood diamonds or mass production - plus they look stunning! Or go for an antique ring. There are so many beautiful antique rings out there, that tell a story. I will be adding some antique pieces to my collection soon.

Another concept is to produce more conscious. We could use a lab grown diamond for your engagement ring. These stones are chemically and optically the exact same as a natural diamond (btw. a big challenge for the industry ☺️) but these stones need waaaaay less energy to be produced, than is needed to get a natural one out of the earth.

I like to incorporate galaxy diamonds in my designs (check my last blog post) because to me they are beautiful and one of a kind. These stones are left overs of the industry. By working with them we’re at least using everything we get out of Mother Earth.

All my gold which is used for my jewelry is either recycled or from a eco fair mine in peru.

It’s up to you which path you choose - I am happy to accompany you on that journey and create the ring to bond your love.


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