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Throughout history, the importance of scent has never been denied. Mystical and powerful, scent was an offering, a force of attraction and a curse.



The pomander, a ball filled with perfumes worn from the Middle Ages onward, most hailed from the elite classes of society. Queen Elizabeth I is frequently depicted wearing one, as are other nobles and notables of the day. The pomanders were filled with herbs and their essences were worn for protection from disease and to promote mental and spiritual well-being.

The pomander, or apple of amber was initially the word used to describe a piece of Ambergris (the rare and much sought after substance produced by the digestion system of sperm whales) concealed inside a small round receptacle made from precious metal. This amber could be kneaded into a paste with other ingredients.

Ambergris was believed to have great qualities, both as an apotropaic (protecting the owner by diverting bad luck away) and an aphrodisiac, so not insignificant. Amber aside, this apple of scent could also be fragranced with civet or musk and other substances from animals that were deemed to have fortifying, protective and magical properties.

These portable balls made from open worked metal with delicate clasps were subject to countless refinements and gem encrustation during the Renaissance, to the extent that they acquired the word pomander despite the things that were placed inside. Some had several compartments for the insertion of other fragrances including cloves, nutmeg and myrrh. They came in different shapes such as skulls, fruit, flowers and animals.



My reinterpretation of the pomander gives new life to a mystical jewellery tradition.

The magnificent white and yellow gold pendants contain a ceramic capsule, on which you can apply your favorite perfume or essential oil. Through the warmth of the body, the fragrance essences develop during the day and spread ist aromas through the opening oft he pendant. The perfume will remain as beautifully vibrant from the moment you wake up until the minute you end your day.

I personally love to smell perfume, but unfortunately after wearing a scent on my own skin for a while, I normaly don’t notice it anymore. This is different with the Pomander pendant, whenever you move the aromas will become noticeable. It is therefore also great for essential oils (who put you in the right mood), or for people who cannot wear perfume on their skin due to allergies. The inscription on the pendant says “amor omnia vincit” which means “love conquers all” in Latin.



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