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“The art of you is the art of cosmetics and jewelry design united in one collection.” Ann Perica.

Ann Perica X Sparkling Cosmetics collaboration
Spoiling yourself to a holistic treat – with jewelry and soothing beauty rituals. Ann Perica and Sparkling Cosmetics founder Stefania Reho have teamed up. With our store in store concept and our newly launched collaboration "the art of you," we make beauty tangible – with all the senses.

Last year, our showroom was expanded to include a small feel-good space: the second Sparkling Cosmetics Studio by Bernese Stefania Reho.

In order to bring the two worlds of jewelry and cosmetics together, we jointly developed this overarching collaboration "the art of you".

From now on, new history will be written in the historic building on Zurich's Seefeldstrasse. It is the story of two artists who each bring beauty to light in their own way: be it with high-quality jewelry, with exclusive beauty gadgets or with soothing essences.

The collection

Earrings and necklaces

For the first time we exclusively used silver as a precious metal for this collection. The silver earrings can be paired with gemstone pendants, which can be individually selected and combined. The necklace is a high quality stone necklace featuring a silver clasp.













Gua Sha Stone and Hairpin

Gua Sha originates from traditional Chinese medicine. The application rids the skin of toxins by stimulating lymphatic flow. Unlike already known Gua Sha stones made of jade or quartz, Ann Perica x Sparkling Cosmetics' creation is made exclusively of silver. "Silver has an antimicrobial effect and, unlike porous gemstones, is more hygienic to use," says the owner of Sparkling Cosmetics.

The second beauty tool is a silver hairpin with a dual function: the elegant and functional hair jewelry can also be used as a massage wand during the Vietnamese facial reflexology Dien Chan Zone.

The Gua Sha Facial and Dien Chan Zone facial treatments are offered at Sparkling Cosmetics Zurich and Bern.

Face Oil

For the soothing facial ritual with the silver beauty tools, the "the art of you" collection includes a high-quality face oil made from Swiss organic grape seed oil.

Invigorating Wellness Tea

To complement the collaboration, we have put together a tea blend of organic herbs carefully picked in the Gantrisch Nature Park.

About Ann & Stefania

We are Ann Perica, fine jewelry designer and Stefania Reho, Sparkling Cosmetics founder and together we had one mission: combining the art of cosmetics and jewelry design!
Through this collection we want to encapsulate the essence of wellbeing. From the lymph flow stimulating Gua Sha stone made of 100% silver to earrings paired with healing gemstones – find your personal "the art of you" ritual.


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