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On the hunt for something more unique than a white diamond, but still want the durability of one? I feel you! Although the diamond scene was 99% white diamonds for centuries, colored diamonds have been making waves the past few years.

Some of my favorite colored diamonds are Champagne Diamonds and Galaxy Diamonds. These colored stones offer a unique and beautiful alternative to the typical white diamond. We aren’t all the same, why should our diamonds be?

Galaxy Diamonds

Until recently, diamond dealers tossed these stunners aside because they didn’t fit into the white diamond scale. These diamonds often have beautiful inclusions that create a one-of-a-kind look. Galaxy diamonds have various patterns of black carbon inclusions.

They come in a variety of appearances, from opalescent with icy flecks to sparkly with dark spots. I love to find the galaxy diamonds that still sparkle from across the room, but look like the whole universe on your finger.

Champagne Diamonds

Though fancy brown diamonds have been on the scene for a while, it wasn’t until recently that their lighter sister began to be sought after. I love to source these beauties in the exact shade of your favorite bubbly, with soft undertones of pink and brown.  

The champagne diamond look is ideal for beige suckers like us – we die for tonal rings.

 Why am I in love with Colored Diamonds

I love these options because they’re unique, no stone is exactly alike!  They are available at lower price points than their white diamond counterparts as well.  If you’re a modern bride who is looking for a unique engagement ring or a cool groom on the hunt for a ring as special as your girl - a champagne or galaxy diamond might be the one for you.


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