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Throughout history, the importance of scent has never been denied. Mystical and powerful, scent was an offerinG And a force of attraction. The pomander, a pendant filled with perfumes was worn from the Middle Ages onward by women of the Renaissance close to their hearts. Ann perica brings this treasure back to life.

The magnificent gold pendant contains a scented ceramic capsule which spreads iTS aromas through the opening of the pendant. The fragrance capsule is replaceable and available in the scents fire, earth, water and air. Each perfume will remain as beautifully vibrant from the moment you wake up until the minute you end your day.

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choose between one of our 6 scent capsules for the pomander necklace or order our neutral capsule and apply your own perfume.



Warm amber paired with sandalwood.
Precious woody notes, warm and engaging. Fine vanilla, a little musk.
a Very attractive and comfortable scent. A winning fragrance you just want to smell again and again.



smooth earthy notes paired LUSH fig notes.

Figs and fig trees have an illustrious history behind them and, if the wood carvings dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are any indication, they formed part of the Garden of Eden.

Round, juicy and slightly perfumed fig. Balanced flowery scent with a note of wood. Gentle freshness through moderate bergamot.



A walk by the sea... The feeling of sun and salt on your skin, packed in one wonderful scent. Soft orange blossom and cooling watermelon. In addition, aquatic notes and fine amber.



Fresh, light floral scent. Reminiscent of lush flower meadows in spring.
Fine, light violets and fresh, bright grass. Flower notes fresh and green.
A scent like a self-potted bouquet on a airy summer night.



A romantic ROSE fragrance.

A Magnificent bouquet of roses paired with notes of Iris and lilac. this scent is Wonderfully balanced through fine, elegant powderiness.



Apply your own perfume or perfume oil on this neutral ceramic capsule.