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Throughout history, the importance of scent has never been denied. Mystical and powerful, scent was an offerinG And a force of attraction. The pomander, a pendant filled with perfumes was worn from the Middle Ages onward by women of the Renaissance close to their hearts. Kaan Love brings this treasure back to life.

The magnificent gold pendant contains a scented ceramic capsule which spreads iTS aromas through the opening of the pendant. The fragrance capsule is replaceable and available in the scents fire, earth, water and air. Each perfume will remain as beautifully vibrant from the moment you wake up until the minute you end your day.



Fresh, light floral scent. Reminiscent of lush flower meadows in spring.
Fine, light violets and fresh, bright grass. Flower notes fresh and green.
A scent like a self-potted bouquet on a airy summer night.